This is BIG! Why? Because it’s a confirmation of everything we believe in and a confirmation of what we do from the only association in the world that follows the rules of photojournalism. REAL images, no intervention from the photographer and minimal to zero photoshop manipulation. To find ourselves in the first 100 wedding photojournalist in the world it’s a great achievement and a big honour to be in the company of so many great photographers. Over the entire year, we have been focused on delivering to our couples real images to help them remember and relive the moments they shared with their loved ones and with us. Real, meaningful images that will carry over the years a real smile, a real hug, the little moments that happen between the moments and more important REAL LIFE! Images that won’t follow any trends. We believe in this! We believe in the power of real people in one of their happiest days and we are honored they chose to share these moments with us.

These are the 32  awarded images of the year 2019! THANK YOU ALL!

p.s. our first and probably last workshop for 2019 will be in Sibiu 

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